More and more complex conditions for growing plants (climate change and pollution) have crystallized the need for growing plants under controlled conditions. The essential element of this type of growing is LIGHT.

The team of experts from several countries with decades of experience in various fields, from biology, on the one hand, through electronics and lighting to logistics, trade and marketing on the other, made an excellent mix of skills, experience, enthusiasm and capital, and offered optimal lighting solutions to the market for the growing of plants.


The team is offered to the market SunBrite.

SunBrite has fully completed its own R&D center and is capable of responding to customer requests in the short term. Requests for lighting design for growing plants under controlled conditions based on existing SunBrite lamps and requests for designing luminaires with specific spectar, power, housing shape … .

The SunBrite team is supported theoretically and experimentally by several state institutes and faculties and a number of private companies that deal with growing plants under controlled conditions.

Production and logistics is based on engaging own resources and on outsorceing to highly specialized, flexible, mostly private companies.