has more efficient and powerful than any HPS grow light

  • SB02-ZEUS has more efficient and powerful than any HPS grow light,
  • penetrates dense canopies to produce a superior yield with higher quality flowers,
  • replaces 1300W – 1500W HPS,
  • saves on electrical, cooling, reflector and bulb replacement cost,
  • high light intensity and energetic spectrum is crucial for canopy penetration to nourish lower leaves and flowers,
  • light distribution - similar to the sunlight propagation (quasi-parallel rays) and superior surface and vertical uniformity of intensity eliminates the need for frequent displacement of the luminaries in height,
  • has ideal spectrum cocktail (designed by SunBrite team) for both vegetative and flowering stages eliminates stalling associated with spectrum changes such as switching from MH to HPS,
  • has four independent 0 – 100% adjustable LED light channels (blue, EQW, red, far red).

Intensity per spectral groups (at full load) are:

  •   Blue (400 – 500nm)      25%
  •   Green (500 – 600nm)   20%
  •   Red (600 –700nm)        40%
  •   FarRed (700 – 800nm) 15%


Model SB-03-BE
Voltage Range 185…245VAC,


Total Power consumption 940W @230VAC
LED Power 840 W
AC/DC efficiency about 93%
Power on fans     40W
Number of LEDs 352
Power factor (Typ.) PF≧0.95/230VAC
Max input current 4,56A @230VAC
Minimal life span 50.000 hour
Certifications CE, RoHS
Dimensions 750x950x87mm
IP LED Power Supply IP67
Lens YES
Ambient Temperature -20°C …  +50°C
IP Optical


Glass protection NO
Adjustable spectrum YES, 4 chanels


Footprint - single

 („single“ luminaire- wall reflection 0%)

Area [cm & m2] Average PPFD [µMol/m2/s] Hanging Height [cm]
Max.Recommended Vegetative 175 x 175 (3m2) 352 (309 + Far Red*) 120cm
Max Recomended Flower 140 x 160 (2.2m2) 624 (548 + Far Red*) 70cm
Area with max µMol 110 x 90 (1m2) 812 (713 + Far Red*) 60cm

Significant savings in electricity consumption of around 50%