Sunbrite Control System

To fulfill the broadest spectrum of customers needs, SunBrite control system offer 4 complexity levels of control.

Level 0 - MANUAL: Useful for small individual growers with one or few luminaries.

Valid for: SB-03, SB-10

Luminaries have integrated controller with small display and keyboard with next features:

  • Individual brightness control of separate color components.
  • 10 predefined or saved spectrums. Possibility to select individual spectrum with keyboard.
  • Luminaries can be linked into network. The whole group can be controlled only with 'Master' - first device in network


Level 1 - SEMI-AUTOMATIC: Useful for small individual growers with one or few dozen luminaries.

Valid for: SB-03, SB-10

Simple low cost external controller is used: SBC-02. It is capableof controlling one or multiple luminaries linked into network and can be treated as one group. (All devices in group have the same functionality). Due to simple use, basic controller philosophy is:

  • Grower main work with controller is simple (only few keystrokes) for selecting operation parameters.
  • Complex data (spectrums, schedules) are preloaded and can be created with user friendly GUI application on standard computer.


Controller features.

  • Multiple predefined or saved spectrums.
  • Multiple predefined or saved daily schedules.
  • Internal timer provides autonomous functionality during day.
  • LCD display offer constant system status information to grower.
  • Data can be downloaded from external computer by USB. For normal operation external computer is not required.


Level 3 - FULL-AUTOMATIC: Useful for medium and large growers with several hundred luminaries and total automatic control during whole plant grow period.

Valid for: SB-03, SB-10

Complex external controller is used: SBC-01. It is capable of controlling multiple groups of luminaries. Each group can have individual (program/parameters). System is targeted to growers:

  • Who have well defined recipes for grow and want total autonomous functionality.
  • Who want to run multiple different growing processes. Each group can be implemented with different devices: SB-03, SB-10, ...
  • No need for special software. System is implemented as web application and user need only standard web browser.
  • Due to upper feature, control is possible with different devices capable of running web browser (computers, tablets and smart phones).
  • System is connected to internet, so system control and monitoring is possible from anywhere.


Level 4 - IOT (Internet Of Things): Using controller SBC-01.
This control level is useful for integration SunBrite luminaries into higher system, which is designed and implemented with other system integrators. Each group of luminaries can be treated and used as IOT device. Communication is through standard MQTT protocol. With this possibility the system can follow modern trends and can be integrated in customer higher system. This enable sophisticated growers to implement/use their own control system and software.